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Digital Camera Media Studio 2.0

Digital Camera Media Studio to watch TV programs and videos on a digital phone
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The Digital Camera Media Studio 2.0 makes it possible to watch movies, television programs and videos on a digital phone. This unique program quickly converts all video contents so that it can be transferred to a memory card. The movie content can then be viewed on a Sony Cybershot or Casio digital camera.

The MPEG4 encoding is used to convert media contents that are in the following formats: AVI, 3GP, MPEG, VOB. The videos to be played on the digital camera can come from various sources, like external or internal hard disks, DVD or CD. The software is capable of supporting foreign films and subtitled films.

The files to be viewed on the digital camera are then saved to a memory card. The memory card needs to be at least 512 Mb. The memory card contains a movie with all of your chosen clips, such as recorded TV shows, DVDs and downloaded internet videos. The memory card has enough space to store a hundred minutes of contents.

The advantage to the program is that it enables the user to watch movies on the digital camera, which is easy to carry around and usually brought on trips.

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